Tubular Backwash Filters PVC Series

PVC Series Tubular Backwash Filters

Tubular Backwash PVC Solid
Durco Filters PVC Tubular Backwash Filters are the perfect choice for water and mildly aggressive applications where operating cost is a concern. All PVC construction, a wide variety of filter media, multiple-tube configurations, automation options, and sub-micron removal capability provide virtually unlimited flexibility in applications usually limited to cartridge and bag filters.

PVC Series Tubular Backwash Filters have reusable, self-cleaning filter elements for lower operating costs. Multiple tubular filter stations allow continuous filtration at high flow rates and optional automatic backwashing capability.

Like the TF & PTF series, PVC Tubular Backwash Filters are available in Single Tube (PVC-1), Double Tube (PVC-2), and Multiple Tube (PVC-X) configurations to match flow rate and application requirements.

Typical PVC Tubular Backwash Applications

PVC Tubular Backwash Filter with optional clear barrel section

  • Well water filtration
  • Sea water / brackish water filtration
  • Prefiltration to Reverse Osmosis
  • Prefiltration to Resin Beds
  • Ionized water filtration
  • Irrigation water filtration
  • Incoming plant water filtration
  • Final polishing
  • Filtering mildly aggressive liquids (weak acids/caustics)
  • Surface finishing operations (plating, phosphate coating)
  • Filtration applications requiring PVC piping
  • Low/ambient temperature process filtration
  • Line pressures up to 110 psi at 120°F